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By: Justin Green

In the world of consumable cannabis, the collective garden model has afforded a free market economy of medible-makers whose innovations have been pleasing our taste buds. Past the confectionary staple of gooey brownies and cookies comes the classic hard candy on a stick that has had you asking one question since you were a kid: How many licks does it take? Short answer: Not many.

Editor’s Pick

Happy Wayz Medibles: Available at Cool Calm Collective
Breaking the scales when it comes to potency, Happy Wayz Medibles is packing their suckers with 200 mg of has oil! At that dose we recommend strong caution as this sucker takes you quickly to a land of medicated bliss. I love the English toffee for its classic flavor that is known in the world of hard candy. After just a few minutes of sampling I quickly begin to feel the effects of all that hash oil. Finish the entire sucker and you are bound for a fully medicated experience.

Big Dog Suckers: Available at CannaRx

Large and in charge, this is the traditional big and flat lollipop. Available in two doses, to allow patients to match their medicine to their personal needs, the Little Dog licker is already potent at 67 mg of hash oil. If you’re looking to walk the plank, pick up a Big Dog. This thing has 134 mg of medicine, which I do not recommend having in one sitting. No worries, it slips back into the package no problem. My favorite flavors are gape and apple

THC Suckerz: Available at Greenwood Alternative and Dockside

These are the sparkly trees of color you’ve seen at many collectives around town. Smooth, hard candy is infused with 125 mg of dry ice bubble has per pop, making them a nostalgic treat with a very adult twist. I really liked the cherry, but these suckerz are also available in sour flavors, which aren’t quite my thing. Lemonade is the classic citrus flavor I knew it would be, but at this dose of medicine, one pop and I’ll have to stop. I really enjoyed this indica/sativa blend.

Organix Lollipops: Available at Conscious Care Co-Op

More on the dessert side of the sucker world, in my personal opinion, Organix are, like they say, made with organic ingredients. The chocolate makes a nice after-dinner treat that will have you relaxed and medicated. I was quite pleased with the butterscotch rum flavor, which I paired with a nice cup of medicated coffee. It wasn’t long until I was feeling the creative effects of wonderful cannabis. Don’t be scared by their drab color; even without added color, these pops are delicious.


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